Baldur's Gate 3: Best Builds For Jaheira (2024)

Baldur's Gate 3

Baldur's Gate 3: Best Builds For Jaheira (1)

By Athena

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Baldur's Gate 3: Best Builds For Jaheira (2)

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  • Best Subclass For Jaheira

  • Best Abilities For Jaheira

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Jaheira is a recruitable companion in Baldur's Gate 3. She is a member of the Harpers and is a popular fighter with a lot of history in Faerûn. You meet this snarky half-elf in Act Two at the Last-Light Inn, and you'll be able to invite her to join your party towards the end of the act.


Baldur's Gate 3: Who Is Jaheira?

A senior member of the Harpers, this Druid is a returning character in the series.

By default, Jaheira is a druid of the circle of the land subclass, but you can change up her class once you have her officially join your party. Once she's recruited, you can build her level-by-level up to your current level.

Best Subclass For Jaheira

Baldur's Gate 3: Best Builds For Jaheira (4)

Circle Of The Moon

Jaheira is a druid, and the best subclass for her is circle of the moon. This will allow her to take on more animal forms using Wild Shape, making her very versatile and allowing your party to navigate various challenges with ease.

Jaheira will also be able to cast some spells to support her team, but as a circle of the moon druid, she'll primarily help deal damage and crowd control.


Subclass Feature


  • Lunar Mend:
    • Expend spell slots to regain hit points while in Wild Shape.
  • Combat Wild Shape:
    • Wild Shape now uses a bonus action instead of an action.
  • Wild Shape: Bear
    • Assume the shape of a polar bear that can goad enemies into attacking it.


Wild Shape: Dire Raven

  • Take the shape of a dire raven that can avoid attention and blind enemies.


Primal Strike:

  • While in beast form, your attacks count as magical.


Wild Shape: Sabre-Toothed Tiger

  • Take the shape of a sabre-toothed tiger that can shred armour and regenerate hit points.


  • Wild Shape: Air Myrmidon
    • Can cast Invisibility, Electrified Flail, and Raging Vortex
  • Wild Shape: Earth Myrmidon
    • Can cast Muck to Metal, Sludgy Sling, and Burrow
  • Wild Shape: Fire Myrmidon
    • Can cast Scorching Strike, Myrmidon's Immolation, and Cinderous Swipe
  • Wild Shape: Water Myrmidon
    • Can cast Hiemal Strike, Healing Vapours, and Explosive Icicle

As a druid with the ability to take on various animal forms, you can use Jaheira as a unit that can attract enemy attention. As the total hit points of Jaheira's wild shape are separate from her own as a half-elf, she'll be an effective tank for the team.

If a situation calls for a spellcaster, Jaheira can turn into a myrmidon and apply the apt type of damage or condition on enemies.

Overall, the potential for Jaheira to adapt to any situation as a circle of the moon druid will greatly increase the survivability of your party.

Before you cast Wild Shape, you can have Jaheira cast Enlarge on herself so that her animal form becomes large. Spell concentration can be maintained while in Wild Shape.

Best Abilities For Jaheira

Baldur's Gate 3: Best Builds For Jaheira (5)

As a circle of the moon druid, Jaheira will need ability scores that will allow her to provide support for the party and stay standing on the field as a damage dealer.

The best abilities to invest in are Wisdom, as this is a druid's primary ability score, and Constitution, to ensure Jaheira can take more damage from enemies. You can also opt to invest in Dexterity to help with Jaheira's armour class.

Best Level-By-Level Build For Jaheira

Baldur's Gate 3: Best Builds For Jaheira (6)

For Jaheira's build, the main thing you have to think about is what feat would help her best. For this, you'll want feats that improve her spell-casting ability and her initiative.




Subclass: circle of the moon


Feat: Ability Improvement - +2 Wisdom


Feat: Alert


Feat: War Caster


Baldur's Gate 3: Guide To The Adamantine Forge

More than just armor lurk in this forge.

Best Equipment For Jaheira

Baldur's Gate 3: Best Builds For Jaheira (8)

Wild Shape ignores the effects of equipment, so you'll only really need to think about what kind of support Jaheira can provide when she turns back to her half-elf form. As much as possible, you want her in her Wild Shape form to make the most of her build.

That being said, you have a lot of freedom as to what equipment you can put on her. You can prioritize equipment that will amp up her healing abilities or her concentration on spells.

Best Early-Game Equipment For Jaheira

Armour: Adamantine Scale Mail

  • Armour Class: 16
  • Magical Plate: All incoming damage is reduced by 1
  • Adamantine Backlash: When a melee attack hits you, the attacker is sent reeling for 2 turns
  • Disadvantage on stealth checks


This can be forged at the Adamantine Forge

Headwear: Haste Helm

  • Smooth Start: At the start of combat, the wearer gains momentum for 3 turns


Can be looted from a locked chest in the Blighted Village

Handwear: Hellrider's Pride

  • Helm's Protection: When you heal another creature, it gains resistance to bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing damage dealt by weapon attacks.
  • +1 to strength saving throws.


Can be purchased or looted from Zevlor in the Druid Grove. It can also be given as a reward by Zevlor in the Investigate Kagha quest.

Boots: Vital Conduit Boots

  • Vital Conduit: Grants the wearer 8 temporary hit points when they cast a spell that requires concentration.
  • +1 to Athletics


Can be purchased from A'jak'nir Jeera in Crèche Y'llek.

Amulet: Periapt of Wound Closure

  • Wound Closure: When downed, automatically stabilize at the start of the turn.
  • Potent Healing: Maximise the number of hit points restored.


Can be purchased from Lady Esther at the Rosymord Monastery Trail.

Ring: Ring of Salving

  • Saviour's Allure: You restore an additional 2 hit points every time you heal another creature.


Can be purchased from Omeluum at the Myconid Colony after completing the Help Omeluum Investigate The Parasite quest.

Best Late-Game Equipment For Jaheira

Armour: Armour of Moonbasking

  • Armour Class: 11
  • Lunar beasti*al Vitality: You gain 22 temporary hit points after casting Wild Shape. While those temporary hit points are active, reduce all incoming damage by 1.
  • Lunal beasti*al Fortitude: You have a +2 bonus to Armour Class. You also have advantage on saving throws against spells. This effect persists while using your druidic Wild Shape ability.


This can be purchased from Voiceless Penitent Bareki found in the Undercity Ruins in the Lower City Sewers.

Headwear: Shapeshifter Hat

  • Nature's Embrace: Increase your Wild Shape charge by 1. This additional charge is restored upon taking a long rest.
  • Nature +1


Can be purchased from Helsik after unlocking her special stock.

Handwear: The Reviving Hands

  • Aegis Palms: When you heal a creature, it gains the effect of Blade Ward. When you revive a creature, it gains the effect of Death Ward.
  • +1 to strength saving throws
  • Revivify: Revive a companion. They return to life with 1 hit point.


This can be purchased from Vicar Humbletoes at the Stormshore Tabernacle in the Lower City.

Amulet: Khalid's Gift

  • Odd Gift: While wearing Khalid's Gift, Jaheira cannot be cursed.
  • +1 to Wisdom unless the ability score is already 21.
  • Khalid's Gift: Aid


Can be found in a hidden area behind a bookshelf in Jaheira's Basem*nt.

Best Weapons For Jaheira

Baldur's Gate 3: Best Builds For Jaheira (9)

Jaheira will primarily be dealing damage in her Wild Shape form, so damage output is less relevant when picking a weapon.

Mace: The Blood of Lathander

  • 1d6 + 3 (4~9) + strength modifier (Bludgeoning damage)
  • Lathander's Blessing: Once per Long Rest, when your hit points are reduced to 0, you regain 2d6 hit points. Allies within 9m/30ft also regain 1d6 hit points.
  • Lathander's Light: Sheds holy light in a 6m/20ft radius. In combat, fiends and undead standing in the light are blinded.
  • Sunbeam: 6d8 (6~48) radiant damage
  • Concussive Smash: Hit an enemy with all your might to deal damage and possibly daze them.


Can be found in Crèche Y'llek through the Find the Blood of Lathander quest.


Baldur's Gate 3: Where Is Jaheira's House?

Discover how to find Jaheira's house, basem*nt, and secret room in BG3.

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Baldur's Gate 3: Best Builds For Jaheira (2024)
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