Baldur's Gate 3: Best Jaheira Build (2024)

Jaheira is a companion the player will be able to recruit by the end of Act 2.


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She can be quite versatile and the player should definitely give her a chance, but the players should know how to get the best out of her for a successful playthrough.

Who Is Jaheira And Where To Recruit Her

Jaheira is a possible companion that the player will only run into for the first time after entering Act 2 of the game, specifically inside of the Shadow Cursed Lands.

The player will need to be careful due to the curses around and reach the Last Light Inn. There, the second they step in, they’ll be confronted by Jaheira. Jaheira is the leader of the Harpers, and will be hostile to the player at first, but the player can talk their way through this situation and get on her good side.

To recruit her, the player’s main goal will be to basically keep her alive until recruiting her permanently is an option. In the confrontation between Isobel and Marcus, the player should definitely side with Isobel, as the other option will make it almost impossible to guarantee Jaheira’s survival.

The player must also make sure to not kill Nightsong, as her survival will be essential. During Act 2’s climax, the player will be able to recruit her temporarily, which is definitely the way to go. After the battle is over, the player must once again speak to Jaheira and invite her over to become a permanent member of the player’s roster.

Default Jaheira

“You twine your life around the people you love. And when they are gone, you grow around their absence instead. It is just another way they shape you.”

Jaheira is not a new character to many fans of Baldur’s Gate. Indeed, this character had appeared in both Baldur’s Gate and Baldur’s Gate 2, before making her newest appearance in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Jaheira is a Half-elf, specifically a high Half Elf, which would make her the second possible companion of that exact race and sub race, after Shadowheart. When it comes to her class, she’s a Druid, which can also mean she’s possibly not the player’s only Druid, if the player has Halsin in the party. Jaheira has a default subclass, which is the Circle of the Land.

Her background is that of the Soldier, just like Lae’zel, which will give her proficiencies in athletics and Intimidation. Besides that, she also has proficiencies in animal handling and nature.

When it comes to her base ability scores, here’s what the player can expect:















Players might want to change these slightly so that she doesn’t have the exact same spread of ability scores as Halsin.

Best Jaheira Build

Baldur's Gate 3: Best Jaheira Build (3)

As previously mentioned, Jaheira starts off as a Druid belonging to the circle of the Land. However, as a Druid, she has access to two other options she can reclass into, the circle of the Moon and The Circle of The Spores.

The circle of land is the best sub class for Druids who want to focus on spell casting, with their Natural Recovery. The Circle of Moon is the best class for shapeshifting, and the Circle of the Spores is the best subclass to cause status effects on enemies.


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Overall, all subclasses are valid options for Jaheira, but the very best Druid subclass will always be the Circle of the Moon, which makes the Druid class stand as unique. If the player already has Halsin as a Circle of the Moon Druid and would like something else for Jaheira, the player can instead keep her as Circle of the Land subclass.

At level 1 as a Druid, she will get the ability to use Druid spellcasting.

Level 2 is when the player will pick her subclass as the Circle of the Moon. She will be able to make use of combat shape, and specifically unlock the following wild shapes: Cat, Badger, Wolf, Spider, and Bear. She will also get Lunar Mend.

At Level 4, the player will be able to pick a Druid Cantrip, and a good option here would be Thorn Whip. It will allow Jaheira to pull enemies closer to attack. At that level, she also unlocks new wild shapes, Deep Rothe and Dire Raven.

At this level, as well as levels 8 and 12, she will get to pick Feats. For Jaheira, the best options for her are as follows:

• Durable. Allowing her to increase her constitution by 1 and restores her hit points completely after every short rest.

• Magic Initiate: Cleric. Cleric spellcasting ability is the same as Druids, as they both use Wisdom. Since the Druid spells are not that diverse, taking some spells from Clerics will be of good help.

• Tough. Jaheira’s hit points maximum will increase by 2 for every new level.

At Level 5, she will get Wild Strike, a class feature. This will allow her to do an additional attack after attacking in wild shape.

At Level 6, she gets another class feature, Primal Strike. This allows wild shape attacks to overcome immunity to non magical damage. She also gets two new Wild Shapes – Panther and Owlbear.

At Level 8, Jaheira gets yet another Wild Shape - the Sabre Toothed Tiger.

At Level 10, she gets another Druid cantrip. A good option is Shillelagh. It transforms Jaheira’s staff or club into a magic weapon. She also unlocks Improved Wild Strike and new Wild Shape - Dilophosaurus, as well as Air Myrmidon, Earth Myrmidon, Fire Myrmidon, as well as Water Myrmidon.

Best Items For Jaheira

When it comes to making the best build possible, the player must look for items that enhance Jaheira and exploit her potential to its very best. Here are some good options the player can look for:

• Haste Helm. This rare helmet will be found very early on in the game, in the Blighted Village. This helmet grants Smooth Start, which allows the wearer to gain momentum for 3 turns.

• Adamantine Scale Mail. This very rare medium armor will be ideal for Jaheira to wear. This armor will reduce all damage by 1. It will also send back an attacker reeling if they target Jaheira with a melee attack. It will also make it impossible to land critical attacks on Jaheira. However, she also gets disadvantages on stealth checks.

• Glowing Shield. This uncommon shield will add +2 to her armor class. Additionally, if Jaheira’s hit points are below 50%, she can receive an extra 8 temporary hit points after being attacked. This works once a short rest.

• Melf’s First Staff. This uncommon staff will be Jaheira’s main weapon. It deals 1d8 + 1 bludgeoning damage and allows Jaheira to receive a +1 bonus for spell attacks. Additionally, she can also use Melf’s Acid arrow and she can use Topple if using the staff in her main hand.

Baldur’s Gate 3 is now available to play on PC, Xbox and PlayStation 5.

Baldur's Gate 3: Best Jaheira Build (5)
Baldur's Gate 3
PC , macOS , PS5 , Xbox Series X
Larian Studios

How Long To Beat
30 Hours



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Baldur's Gate 3: Best Jaheira Build (2024)
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