Baldur's Gate 3: Every Possible Ending For Jaheira (2024)

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Baldur's Gate 3 is a rich game with plenty of branching paths that characters can go down. This allows for the fates of both your playable character and your companions to drastically change based on your choices in the game.

There are ten different companions available, with one of them being Jaheira who you meet in Act Two at the Last Light Inn. She is one of the few returning companions from the previous Baldur's Gate games, the half-elf druid being recruitable at the end of Act Two with a lot of plot available in Act Three. Jaheira has multiple endings, some grim, some happy.

Last Light Inn Falls

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In the Shadow-Cursed Lands, Jaheira and her Harpers make camp at the Last Light Inn where they are protected from the Shadow Curse haunting the land. If someone wanders into the darkness without light or protection, the shadows will claim them.

The Last Light Inn is protected by a sphere of protection granted by the Cleric of Selûne Isobel. However, if she dies, the protection around Light Last Inn will vanish as the Shadow Cursed creeps in to infect everyone inside.

A Flaming Fist traitor named Marcus will arrive when you talk to Isobel as she blesses you with more protection from the Shadow Curse. If you choose to side with Marcus and help him kidnap Isobel, you will have to fight the Harpers - including Jaheira and have to end her story there.

Alternatively, in the Gauntlet Of Shar, you will eventually come across the Nightsong at the very end being held prisoner. You have the option to free her and the Nightsong will assist you in the assault on Ketheric Thorn - or you can kill her (if Shadowheart does this she will become a Dark Justiciar).

If you choose to kill the Nightsong, the protective sphere around Last Light Inn will be destroyed and the Shadow Curse will overtake it - with Jaheira dying off-screen in the process.

Solemn Retirement

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In Act Three, Jaheira's companion quest has you helping her track down her old friend Minsc (the other returning companion from previous Baldur's Gate games). As it turns out, Minsc has beeninfected by a Mind Flayer tadpole and is being fooled into doing the Absolute's bidding thanks to an imposter Jaheira whom he takes orders from.

Upon finding Minsc and the imposter Jaheira, the imposter convinces Minsc that the real Jaheira is the enemy and will lead to a fight between their group and your party. You are required to take out everyone in the fight - but in order to recruit Minsc and complete Jaheira's plan you have to hit Minsc with a non-lethal attack or else he will perish and no longer be recruitable.

If Minsc is killed in the fight, Jaheira expresses extreme sadness in having to take down one of her own friends. She tells you that she will take Minsc's body back to his home in Rashemen and that she has gone as far as she can, saying she is done with Baldur's Gate, and it is done with her and will permanently leave your party.

Taken By The Urge

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This ending is only available if you play as the Dark Urge Origin Character.

The Dark Urge has two different paths it can take. You can either resist the Urge and reject Bhaal, or fully give in to it. After slaying Orin in the Temple of Bhaal, you have the choice to either let yourself die or become Bhaal's chosen and become the puppet for the God of Murder.

If you opt to become Bhaal's chosen, Jaheira (and Minsc) will permanently leave your party. If they are in your party when you make your choice, they will leave the room and wait for you outside (or be waiting outside if they are not).

Upon leaving the chambers, Jaheira will tell you how she stopped a Bhaalspawn before (a reference to prior Baldur's Gate games) and will do it again and attack you - leading to a fight where you will have to defeat her to progress.


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Karlach already knows what to call you, too.

Taking Down The Elder Brain

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Jaheira's good ending comes if you complete her questline in Act Three to save Minsc and you do not kill the Nightsong or betray her by helping Marcus kidnap Isobel. Jaheira will remain in your party and will be with you in the final fight.

She will allow you to summon Harpers during the last fight of the game and be able to fight alongside you as a companion. She does not have any special ending cutscenes after you defeat the final boss, but will survive the conflict with her mission accomplished.

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Baldur's Gate 3: Every Possible Ending For Jaheira (2024)
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