How You Win More Games In Madden 23 By Playing Chess (2024)

How You Win More Games In Madden 23 By Playing Chess

Dear Aspiring Competitive Player,

Make sure to stay till the end (with surprise twists in-between) to discover how you win more games Madden 23…

(Even If You Work 70 Hour Works)

Incase you and me haven’t met yet, you can call me Manu.

Growing up, my friends always called me “Manu Ginobili” (former NBA player) because they said I looked him haha and the name has stuck since then.

Now even though I didn’t become a pro basketball player…

I DID become a 3x Professional Madden Champion and served as a coach for over 230 beginners and intermediate players like you.

Now after being “on the inside” for 8 years and counting…

I decided to break free from the pack to rescue you from the endless falsehoods of “how Madden plays.”

Here’s how every Youtuber and other “pro” ebook sites teach Madden…

“How You Win More Games In Madden 23 With 3 Steps

  1. Formation: Bunch
  2. Play Name: Verticals
  3. Wheel Your Halfback – TOUCHDOWN!!!”
How You Win More Games In Madden 23 By Playing Chess (1)

I don’t know about you but I find those “1 PLAY TOUCHDOWN VS EVERYTHING” videos hilarious.

Vs. everything and everyone you say?

Look, any bozo on Youtube and “pro” e-book sites can tell you WHAT the best plays are.

That is easy. But you need a lot deeper understanding than that to be a confident cold blooded competitive player.

You are a strategic thinker who desires to grasp the chess match behind the game.

The Madden Academy is different because we don’t just spoon feed you water downed money plays that expire in 1 month once the meta changes.

You should be pissed because every other site out there is robbing you of hundreds AND hundreds of dollars.

They forcefully grab you by the throat and scream…


It’s locked up in the back of the smallest darkest prison cell CRIMINAL that these sites get away with it.

BUT we are on a mission to break you from this prison of thought.

Keep reading if you want to discover how…

Your Next Step To Becoming A Competitive Player Even If You Work 70 Hour Weeks Or Barely Know The Controls
(Skipping This Will Set Your Madden Game Back 20 Years)

How You Win More Games In Madden 23 By Playing Chess (2)

You and me (Manu) have a lot in common.

Let me share a quick backstory that’ll make your Madden life 10x easier moving forward.

Like you, 12 years ago I was searching around for some help on the game.

I was made to believe learning money plays was the best way to become competitive.

I mean sh*t, all you saw on Youtube was “UNSTOPPABLE 1 PLAY TOUCHDOWN GLITCH VS. EVERY COVERAGE.”

It wasn’t until I met my mentor “AthleticCedes” (who ACTUALLY knew Madden) that my entire view of Madden shifted.

This guy was winning cold hard cash off the game.

And I wasn’t no slouch myself at the time (Madden 25). I was consistently ranked top 5 on the head to head leaderboards for 3 years.

From my shortsighted view then, I thought I was the best player ever.

Then in Madden 25, I matched up with the gamertag “AthleticCedes”…

He was different from everyone else I ever matched up with.

And when I say different, I mean I had to be playing the forthcoming of jesus.

What Your Game Will Look Like If You Learn The 12 Fundamentals From A Credible Competitive Player
His reads were superhuman. 20/20 laser vision like a fictional superhero from a movie.

His receivers parted like the 7 seas rendering my user useless as each receiver was perfectly spaced out (great route combinations).

His pocket presence, impeccable. Enough time back there for a calm relaxing family picnic.

His defensive schemes were so beautifully engineered and disguised that a prophet from 2050 couldn’t predict what he was doing next.

His defenders came in multiples. All his db’s stalked my wr’s like a crazy ex gf.

His user defender moved so eloquently and freely that it could have passed for a figure skater in the Olympics.

His adjustments were so precisely timed and lockdown that he might as well have been living in my head.

Yeah… the guy was pretty good. I didn’t set the record for my most points lost by or anything.

I was so puzzled. I just had to speak to this guy. I didn’t know it was possible for someone to be that good.

I wanted to be that good.

I wanted to have those 45 minutes of fame where the game starts and every exterior thought unrelated to Madden vanished like a ghost.

I wanted to have those experiences where for those 45 minutes, I am transported to a seemingly different dimension where I am just untouchable.

What if it was possible to erase the personal hardships of reality and be transcended into a mode of invincibility?

Why Listening To Random Youtubers And Sites Is Handicapping Your Madden Game

Luckily, Athletic accepted my party invite so we could chat.

What he told me overrode all 4 years of previous knowledge that I accumulated from all my favorite Madden Youtubers.

I realized everything I had ever learned from any Madden Youtuber was as useless as Shaquille O’Neal at the free throw line.

“Manu get to the f*cking point!!”

Sorry guys, I have ADHD.

Anyways, he told me there was an entire undercover world of competitive players.

So more guys like him with the superhuman reads, playcalls, and adjustments.

But what was most alarming, none of those competitive players he mentioned do Youtube so I had no one credible to learn from.

Even worse, the few competitive players I later found were teaching the game the same damn way everyone on Youtube did.

The difference was the competitive players knew that the money plays was not their secret to success…

However the last thing they wanted to do was reveal their strategic fundamental secrets to the public.

They knew it was the fundamentals separating them from the rest of the world.

So releasing e-book money plays were the feasible option because they still got paid without releasing their secrets to success.

They were afraid of getting passed up.

Plus, the money plays change every month.

So if I were to have bought 4 e-books per year for the next 10 years to keep pace with the everchanging metas, it would of cost me $1000 to not even strategically learn the game.

Will they sometimes give you a quick boost in confidence for a couple games? Sure.

But to me, buying e-books to fix a problem with losing games would be like leaning on hardcore drugs to overcome the loss of a best friend.

You may get a short high but at what cost? Does it actually solve your problem or does it mask it?

I may have gotten a couple more wins with an e-book but what would’ve happened when I played another AthleticCedes?

I knew ebooks would completely impair my ability to think for myself so I wasn’t go to step foot down that treacherous path.

Athletic wasn’t going to teach me step-by-step how to master the fundamentals either…

The Strategic Fundamentals You Need To Brutally Expose Money Play Spammers
(To Get My Exclusive Video Breakdowns On The Fundamentals For Free; Click Below Now)

However he got me headed in the right direction and I learned from him what I needed to focus on:

Basic knowledge of what each zone defenders
Conceptually understanding how to attack every coverage
Building a solid base scheme to start games with on defense
Correctly reading defenses before and after snaps to determine my upcoming playcalls
Pocket presence mastery to buy more time
On-the-fly adjustments
And best believe there was much, much, more…

I knew it was not going to be easy trying to figure everything out on my own but I was still a young kid at the time with loads of free time.

My plan was to throw myself into the fire and just start playing money games vs. everyone.

Fast forward a decade or so… It didn’t turn out to be too bad of a plan…

(This is not to brag or boast but to show you have I have the proven track record to coach up the next big competitive player again)

I became a well-respected 3x professional champion…

Pioneer and Inventor of 5 of the hottest offensive and defensive schemes including Trips TE

How You Win More Games In Madden 23 By Playing Chess (3)

Featured On EA’s Livestream in front of over 60,000 viewers

Co-Star of the CW’s (popular TV network) documentary for Madden

Head Madden Gameplay Expert Writer For SportsGamersOnline (The Biggest Sports Gaming Organization)

Mentor of over 210 beginners and Madden vets including now mega-superstars like Chibatti Mitch (world’s biggest Madden streamer) and several of the world’s top players

It’s Time For You To Take Action Now And Get My $95 Madden 101 Course For Free

The best part is I documented my entire journey step-by-step for you.

So you no longer have to guess and be unsure on…

What it takes for you to transform into that Madden killer that is locked inside of you.

So you can finally experience those transitions into “invincibility mode” to escape the stress of real life.

So for those 1 or 2 hours of downtime per night your thoughts to the world around you are cut off…

And it’s just you focused on kicking the absolute dog sh*t out of that braindead money play spammer who used to kick your sh*t in…

Imagine how satisfying it would be to do that on a nightly basis every time.

Now it’s your choice…

You can attempt to figure out everything on your own, continuing to guess at what actually works…

You can ignore this guaranteed to work camp with step-by-step strategic systems that has worked for even the most beginner level players who work 70 hour weeks time and time again…

Or you can finally get yourself over the hump by…

Enrolling now by clicking the button below to gain immediate access to a lifetime cure of easy to follow systems

Madden 23 E-books .

How You Win More Games In Madden 23 By Playing Chess (2024)


What's the best way to play Madden 23? ›

Learn how to tackle or hit-stick your opponents and dominate the gridiron.
  1. Hold A/X for a conservative 'Breakdown Tackle'
  2. Press X/Square for an aggressive dive tackle.
  3. Flick Right Stick up when in range of ball carrier to hit stick.
  4. Flick Right Stick down when in range to cut stick (take Ball carrier's legs out)

How do you beat cheese blitz in Madden 23? ›

Your 3 Step Guide On How To Beat Blitzes In Madden 23:
  1. Go to formation: Gun Bunch.
  2. Select Verticals/Verts Hb Under.
  3. Wheel Your Halfback – he'll be open immediately because the db blitz will leave a vacant area on the hb's side of the field.

What does force win mean in Madden? ›

If someone loses connection in a game that is almost over, the team that was winning gets the Force win. If one team went M.I.A. During the advance period & the other team was seeking their opponent, the team that tried to schedule gets the force win.

What is the funnest position to play in Madden 23? ›

So far, we've had the most fun playing RB in Face of the Franchise mode. If you choose a team with a solid QB, you should be well on your way to the 99 Club. The gameplay is also more fun as an RB. You can run routes in the passing game and pound the rock in the running game.

How do you play the best defense in Madden 23? ›

How to Play Defense in Madden 23
  1. Match the Formation with the Opposition. The opponent's offensive formation shows up as soon as they select it. ...
  2. Adjust the Defensive Line in Advance. ...
  3. Use Coverage Adjustment to Shade. ...
  4. Assign Players and Define Their Zone. ...
  5. Choose a Turnover-Friendly Coverage Style.
Mar 14, 2023

How do you beat someone good in Madden? ›

  1. How to Beat Your Friends — Tips That Will Madden Your Opponent. ...
  2. Don't Get Angry. ...
  3. Don't Grow Attached to Offense. ...
  4. Don't Get Fancy. ...
  5. Don't Become Predictable. ...
  6. The Running Game. ...
  7. The Passing Game. ...
  8. Coverage: Knowing what type of coverage the defense is in is extremely important.
Mar 8, 2016

How is the fastest QB in Madden 23? ›

Lamar Jackson

How do you force a trade in Madden 23? ›

The method is easy: you can edit a player that you want and move his position to a punter or whatever position he's not great at. The objective is to lessen his overall enough for you to trade for the said player without a problem. You could give up a late-round draft pick or a below-average player for that player.

How to do special moves in Madden 23? ›

Advanced Ballcarrier
  1. Slide (QB)/Give Up/Dive (Hold): Tap Square (QB)
  2. Truck: Press Up on the Right Analog Stick.
  3. Stiff Arm: X.
  4. Hurdle: Triangle.
  5. Spin: Circle.
  6. Pitch Ball: L1.
  7. Celebration Loco: L2.
  8. Dead Leg: Flick Down on the Right Analog Stick.

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