Soft caps for each stat and attribute in Elden Ring 2023 - Patch 1.09.1 (2024)

Runes are a precious resource in Elden Ring, and you never know when a rogue boulder is around the corner to pilfer them from you. To ensure you’re spending Runes and leveling up your character as efficiently as possible, we’ve detailed everything you need to know about Elden Ring’s Attribute soft caps in this guide.

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Soft caps for every Stat/Attribute in Elden Ring

  • Vigor: 40/60
  • Mind: 55/60
  • Endurance (Stamina): 15 / 30/ 50
  • Endurance (Equip Load): 25/60
  • Strength: 20/55/80
  • Dexterity: 20/55/80
  • Intelligence (Attack): 20/50/80
  • Intelligence (Sorcery): 60/80
  • Faith (Attack): 20/50/80
  • Faith (Incantation): 60/80
  • Arcane (Attack): 20/60/80
  • Arcane (Status): 40/45/60

What is a soft cap in Elden Ring?

When you’ve raised an Attribute to a certain number, the benefit gained from leveling it will become less significant. This is known as the “soft cap” or sometimes as a “breakpoint.”

For example, Vigor increases HP by an average of +29.5 until the player reaches 40 Vigor. From 41-60, this decreases to an average of +22.5. From 61 onward, this reduces even further to a measly +5.1.

Simply put, leveling Vigor beyond level 60 typically isn’t worth your Runes. Investing them into another stat would be far more beneficial — unless you have Runes coming out of the wazoo.

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  • Level 1-40 — Increases HP between +4 and +48
  • Level 41-60 — Increases HP between +26 and +13
  • Level 61-99 — Increases HP between +6 and +3

Vigor affects how much HP your character has, as well as fire resistance and Immunity. Everything is out to kill you in Elden Ring, and they’re all damn good at it. Since you need all the health you can get, we suggest investing a minimum of 40 Vigor into any character.


  • Level 1-15 — Increases FP between +3 and +4
  • Level 16-35 — Increases FP between +5 and +6
  • Level 36-50 — Increases FP between +7 and +6
  • Level 51-60 — Increases FP between +6 and +4
  • Level 61-99 — Increases FP between +2 and +3

Mind affects your character’s FP (Focus Points) and Focus stat. Interestingly, the FP you gain from Mind actuallyincreases after you invest 15 pointsand increases again from 36-50. It begins to decrease slightly from 51-60 before hitting its true soft cap at 61+.

How much you should invest in Mind depends on the magic skills you plan to use. If you’re consistently running out of FP during fights, focus on increasing Mind until you can safely use your skills without worrying about resource management.

There’s nothing more satisfying than firing the giant death laser that is Comet Azur, which is why I personally brought Mind all the way to 60.


  • Level 1-15 — Increases Stamina by an average of +1.79
  • Level 16-30 — Increases Stamina by an average of +1.67
  • Level 31-50 — Increases Stamina by an average of +1.25
  • Level 51-99 — Increases Stamina by an average of +0.31
  • Level 1-15 — Increases maximum Equip Load by an average of +1.59
  • Level 26-60 — Increases maximum Equip Load by an average of +1.36
  • Level 61-99 — Increases maximum Equip Load by an average of +1.03

Endurance affects Stamina and Robustness, as well as your Equip Load. Rolling iseverythingin Elden Ring and other Soulsborne titles, and Endurance influences your rolls in multiple ways.

Firstly, Stamina is needed to roll and for actions like sprinting and spellcasting. It’s important to every build type unless you’re a complete masoch*st. Secondly, your Endurance will affect your character’s weight class (Equip Load)— the heavier you are, the slower your roll is.

There isn’t much difference between a Light and Med. Load, and being naked to achieve a Light Load isn’t ideal. Aim for a weight ratio of 30 – 69.% to keep at a Med. Load. Anything higher than that, and your stamina regeneration worsens, and your roll becomes longer.


Strength affects the Attack Power of Strength-based weapons, like large hammers and swords. The soft cap for strength entirely depends on the weapon you’re using and its damage type. Most melee weapons have a Strength requirement to be able to use, typically paired with a Dexterity requirement.


Strength affects the Attack Power of Dexterity-based weapons, such as scythes and katanas. It also reduces the cast time of Spells, slightly decreases fall damage, and makes it more difficult to be knocked off Torrent.


  • Finger Seal — 18/60/80
  • Godslayer’s Seal —18/60/80
  • Giant’s Seal — 18/60/80
  • Gravel Stone Seal — 18/60/80
  • Clawmark Seal — 15/30/45
  • Golden Order Seal — 15/30/45
  • Erdtree Seal — 25/60/80
  • Dragon Communion Seal — 15/30/45
  • Frenzied Flame Seal— 15/30/45

Faith is needed to perform Incantations and boosts their power. As Faith scales to the Seals you are using, we’ve included the soft caps for each Sacred Seal above.


  • Glintstone Staff —18/60/80
  • Crystal Staff — 25/60/80
  • Gelmir Glintstone Staff — 15/30/45
  • Digger’s Staff — 18/60/80
  • Astrologer’s Staff — 18/60/80
  • Carian Glintblade Staff — 18/60/80
  • Prince of Death’s Staff — 25/60/80
  • Albinauric Staff — 15/30/45
  • Academy Glintstone Staff — 18/60/80
  • Carian Glintstone Staff — 18/60/80
  • Azur’s Glintstone Staff — 25/60/80
  • Lusat’s Glintstone Staff — 25/60/80
  • Meteorite Staff — 18/60/80
  • Rotten Crystal Staff — 25/60/80
  • Staff of Loss — 25/60/80
  • Demi-Human Queen’s Staff — 20/40/80

Intelligence is required to perform glintstone magic and scales with Intelligence-based Sorceries. It also improves Magic Resistance. We’ve included the scaling for each staff in the game above, courtesy of the Elden Ring Wiki. If you’re primarily a magic user, you want to aim for 60 Intelligence.


Arcane scales poison, sleep, bleed, and madness effects depending on your chosen weapon. The likelihood of discovering items also increases with your Arcane, aptly namedItem Discovery.

If you’ve managed to wrap your head around soft caps in Elden Ring and now need to reset your Attributes, visit our guide on how to find Larval Tears and respec your character.

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Soft caps for each stat and attribute in Elden Ring 2023 - Patch 1.09.1 (2024)
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